This is me

                                             I knew who I was this morning, but I`ve changed a few times since then.
                                                                                        -Lewis Caroll

Nice to meet you! I am Joy. An artist, and figure skating coach.

I love everything crazy-phantastic-mystical.

A few years ago I stumbled over a technique calles "needle-felting", a beautiful technique that helps me make big creatures, with the tiniest details. Since then, I have made hundreds of figures and fairies! All of them have one thing in common: They tell stories, and show emotions. The loving mother, the happiness only a newborn can bring, or the believe in happily-ever-after.


My fairies mission is to always remind you of the magic that you can find around you AND within yourself.

You can close your eyes and dream about flying dragons, dancing fairies and odd gnomes, and I hope when you wake up, you see the magic around you too.

I made this site to document my journey with Sarayu, and to make it easier for you to shop my fairies,



Visit me on Instagram for behind the scenes pictures, magical art, and just to hang out,

and on facebook for a weekly motivation boost every monday.


Instagram: Sarayufairytales 


Sie möchten mir etwas schreiben ? -You would like to contact me?

Sie würden die Feen vielleicht gern in echt sehen ? - Do you want to visit the fairies in the studio?

Ich freue mich über ihre Nachricht! - I´m looking forward to hearing from you! 

Sarayu Fairytales

Niedersachsen, germany